Date night!!!!


AHHHH So when you have a child that is special needs like my “A” you can’t always get away as often as you want with your hubby. You end up having these “late night, at home date nights” after the kiddos go to bed.  But guess what today is?!?! DATE NIGHT!! Like – leave the kids with a baby sitter and GO OUT night! I’ve got a great friend that is going to watch the boys when I get home.  Hubs and i are going to go out for our 10 year wedding anniversary!!! OMG yes we’ve been married 10 years! Together 17! I’m so blessed to have found my one and only so young! Anyway I literally think it was our anniversary last year when we went out last. Sad… so so sad. Gotta change that up a bit. Make it more of a priority!!!! So hope that A doesn’t have a meltdown at the babysitters!!! Gonna go finish my day so Anniversary D8NT can start ASAP!


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