Summertime is here!

So most of you know that I work outside the home, and my hubby is a stay at home dad to our two little men.  Well guess what today was…. the first day of SUMMER!! The kids are all ready to “DO NOTHING” (per my 10 year old’s mouth) and I was all UMMM NOPE! Not happening! But did let them sleep in this morning. 🙂  My hubs has some great things lined up for the boys to do this summer! With my 6 year old being autistic on top of his normal hyper self, taking them to big events doesn’t work. But we are working on a list of “THINGS WE CAN TAKE THEM TO DO” tonight! I’ll keep ya’ll posted!

I do have to say it was nice to not have them running around under foot while I got ready for work today.  The house was quiet and peaceful. Something that is very rare in my home!!


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