Ultimate Jamberry Challenge – Day 1

So I’ve been with Jamberry Nails since March, since then we’ve gotten some comptetion! Here is a challenge that shows the difference in the wraps day by day!
Wraps are: Sephora, Avon, Sally Hansen, Jamberry & Essie.

Ultimate Challenge day 1

DAY 1: The polish based wraps (sephora & sally hansen) had a very overwhelming smell that lasted a looong time. These wraps also dry out after opening the package and have no shelf life. The vinyl based wraps (essie/avon) were very thin and sticky. I had a hard time getting the Avon ones on without ripping them.  Check back tomorrow to see what happend on day 2!

Jamberry Nail Wraps are retiring 181 of oru wraps on 8/31! Get them Buy 3 Get 1 FREE at www.jamminmandie.jamberrynails.net Feel like earning FREE wraps?!? I do online an home parties! Let’s get you set up for one today!  Check out my facebook page for new wrap style, giveaways and more!


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