Surprise! Joshua turned 8!

Well another year has gone by.  My sweet baby boy turned another year older, which also means that the next day I turn a year older. Sometimes I love that our birthdays are so close, and then again sometimes I hate it.

Anyway we did end up having a surprise party for him, which he loved! First he had no clue, then the neighborhood kids told him about it. THEN I LIED, yes, I lied to my child and told him that by no means were we having a surprise party. I guess it worked, because the day of his party he didn’t want to come home! He had spent the night with a girlfriend of mine. We thought he knew about the party and didn’t believe me, but nope, he totally was in the dark!  Thanks to another great friend we had all sorts of video game posters, boxes, decorations, lanyards, keychains, all kind of good stuff! Tracy went above and beyond and we do owe him!  Anyway here is a photo collage of JJ’s party. I actually didn’t take too many pics, so this is literrally ALL the photos I got. 🙂




My hubby made his X-box 360 cake. 🙂 It turned out great! If you are interested in ordering a specialized cake for your next event please e-mail me at   We had gamer food, and of course… VIDEO GAMES! 

All my girlfriends came by and we got to hang out too.  My birthday as I said is the day after JJ’s so it’s always nice to have the girls come bring the kids and we hang while they play. 


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