Life in September….

Hello world! Here I am trying to blog again. Do ya’ll know how hard it is to come up with things to blog about? I guess it’s not super hard, but it’s more like… do people really care? Here’s the thing I figured out. It’s my blog. ūüôā I can do what I want. If not a single soul ever reads it that’s okay. I am putting my story out there and that’s all that matters right? ¬† I am going back and forth with what I want this blog to represent. I finally came to the realization that when I came up with the title…. “Welcome to my world”, ¬†I was leaving myself open. This is about my life. My¬†families¬†life. What we do, when we do it and ¬†how we do it.

That being said, life at Yeater Manor has gotten back in to the swing of having a son in school. Earlier bedtimes, earlier dinner, etc. ¬†Joshua is in 2nd grade now, and although it doesn’t seem like much of a difference between 1st and 2nd grades, expectations,¬†homework¬†etc are a lot higher. We recieved our first homework packet for the week yesterday. JJ has his first spelling word list! AHHHHH!!!! This Mama isn’t ready for her little guy to grow up! ¬† JJ will be 8 in a few weeks. 8! I’m in awe at how fast the time has gone by. It sure¬†doesn’t¬†feel like that long.

Here are a few of JJ’s favorite things:

Toys: X-box 360 (I dont consider it a toy but whatever)

Books: Chapter Books – Likes the Magic Treehouse Series

Color: Blue

Food: Hotdogs/Baked Beans/Mac & Cheese

We are planning JJ’s birthday party, which I decided was going to be a surprise party. He hasn’t really questioned why we weren’t planning his party yet, and as long as he doesn’t ask I’m not going to tell! ¬†We’ll be doing a “Video Gamer” Theme. ūüôā That I know he will be excited about! ¬†Now just to keep it a¬†secret! ¬†Pinterest is giving me way to many ideas and I just don’t have the hours in the day to do everything I want. Especially since I only have the night before and the day of to get ready!

Alexavier is doing good. He is a talk-a-holic now! Still loves his Thomas the Trains as much as ever. You’d think that after being in love with them for so long he would be over it but nope! ¬†He recently showed a lot of interest in tools. So we went and got him his own workbench to work on. HE LOVES IT! Screws in things, hammers “nails” and cuts with a saw all day long! ¬†He is at that fun age where everything is funny! His giggle is adorable! He is a super picky eater and basically a complete polar opposite of JJ. ¬†Funny how two kids from the same parents can be so different! ¬†Alexavier turns 4 next month. THAT is just nuts to me. But whatever, obviously time has been moving lightning speed¬†because¬†the last 4 years have been moving at warp speed! ¬† Alex’s party is going to be a “construction/Bob the Builder themed. Again Pinterest is my go-to spot for party ideas right now!

A few of Alexavier’s Favorite Things:

Toys: Thomas Trains, Balls, Cars and TOOLS!

Books: ANY TRAIN BOOK! I mean this… we bought this child train books at the fair!

Color: Blue

Food: Mac & Cheese, Cheese, Noodles, Strawberries

Hubby and I are in hog heaven right now. Both of us are mobile again and are loving it! We have a busy busy season of birthdays, holidays and sports coming up so we will have lots to share! Until then!



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