Labor Day Weekend Day Trip to Mt Rainier!


On Sunday we went up to Mt Rainier, along with the rest of the state.  We didn’t know that Hwy 706 was closed and we took detours through Eatonville, and then another detour over by Alder Lake. (Note to self, make sure you check that stuff before taking off on a road trip… just sayin’) Anyway we didn’t let that stop us, and kept on plugging along!  I was driving so we didn’t get many pics.  My hubby isn’t as spontaneous with the camera/iPhone as I am.

Here is a picture of Beautiful Alder Lake. Since its glacier water it is super clear and bright! Found a couple camp sites that we are looking into for next year!!


Once we passed all the cute towns (in fact thinking of taking Alexavier to stay at the hotel in Elbe for his birthday…the one that you sleep in Caboose Cars. 🙂 Anyway that’s another post. Once we entered the park the beauty is abundant! Such tall trees, beauty all around!



We didn’t make it up to Paradise this time, but went on a hike at Narada Falls. Lets just say that the boys had fun but I didn’t know about the steep inclines. Joshua and I decided we want to start hiking, but those hard ones without the kiddos.



I took this shot of the boys after the hike back UP from the falls. 🙂 Alex just wanted to go play in the water and wouldn’t look at the camera. At this point it’s time to head out to get some lunch.



A beautiful way to end the day… on the way home we had the most beautiful sunset! At home we live on the wrong side of a hill so we don’t see the sunset. Ahhhh 🙂



Expect pictures of the Puyallup Fair this coming week!


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