Happy 7th Birthday Joshua Jr!

Can you believe it has been 7 years? Almost 8 since I sat at my desk at work and realized OMG I am pregnant!  That was the day that changed my life forever. I became a Mother!

7 years ago today I was admitted to UW hospital and was induced into labor to be blessed with this sweet sweet bundle of joy that God thought that I was responsible enough to take care of and raise in to a God fearing young man.  Each day I wake up and thank Him for giving me by two little blessings.

Here is Joshua the day he was born… well within minutes really! He was such a beautiful baby!

At the hospital!

Do you see how rosy his cheeks are?! I LOVED that! Heck I still do!

Here is JJ when he was 1 week old. We used to call him our “wittle turtle” 🙂

My hubby wants to get this tattooed on him. 🙂 I LOVE LOVE LOVE this pic of JJ at like 3-6 months! 

So if you know me you know that I LOVE to take pictures of my kids… here is a pic on our first Father’s Day! Went to visit Daddy at his work!

Let’s fast forward a bit and here is JJ at his first day of preschool at Bates Technical College! He LOVED going to school and being a helper!

I am not sure which year it was… I believe hubby and my 2nd or 3rd wedding anniversary we took JJ and met up with Mom and Pete in Ocean Shores! He had a blast!

JJ still talks about the times we spent with Papa at Ocean Shores. I think that will be a place he can go to remember Pete.

That same year we went down to the Oregon coast and camped in Lincoln City. JJ’s first camping trip!

Let’s fast forward a year or two… and guess what! JJ became a big brother! Here he is with his little brother Alexavier! This was their first time meeting!

Time for the Steeler to win the Superbowl! WOOT WOOT!

We fast forward yet a bit more and look at what we have! JJ going to Kindergarten! I can’t believe it! 

Because his birthday is at the beginning of the year he was the first “Super Star Fish” in his class! He got to bring Sophie the Starfish home and keep her for a week! She even came to the Ice Cream Social that was ON JJ’s birthday! It was like the whole school was celebrating JJ’s Birthday! (sorry for the small pic)

Here he is at home at his party!

Here is JJ now! Well this was a couple months ago but it’s a great great photo!
My son is fun loving, a jokester, loves to be the center of attention. He is sensitive, and has a HUGE heart. Is into Legos, Video Games, Reading, Art, Martial Arts, and DANCING! Yes.. my cute little boy… oops I mean little MAN wants to learn hip hop dancing. What does this ex Dance Squad Mama say!? LET’S DO IT! Can’t wait for him to start lessons. Just need to find someplace that does it for younger kids. He’s told me he wants to breakdance too. 🙂

Joshua if you are reading this, or having someone read it to you I want you to know that Mommy is SOOOOOOO Proud of you! You are such a great little boy. Mommy and Daddy were blessed to have you. Stay sweet and kind.  Happy 7th Birthday!

Okay that being said am I ready for him to be 7! NO WAY! I would love it if he could stay little forever! I know that can’t happen and am looking forward to this next year. Seeing how JJ develops and how he grows up into the man he will someday be.  Until next year!


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