Biggest Loser 2 at CBB – Lake Union

So there are a bunch of us girls that are going to do a biggest loser competition starting April 4th. I did it last round but didn’t take it too seriously. I have decided that this time around I will take it seriously. I’m a working mohter of two little boys. That doesn’t mean that I saying that’s an excuse to eat fatty foods, or to not work out. It just leaves little time to do those things correctly.

That being said I’ve decided to do the following things to better my heathy new FUN (cause I HATE working out with a passion):

  • Play Wii sports for at least a half hour a day until I can get like Wii Fit. 🙂
  • Weather pending I will walk for 15 minutes a day M-F during my work week at lunch or from Downtown to my office in the Morning (That’s 1.6 miles)
  • Weekends won’t be considered “free days” (because hello I have two boys that like to play A LOT!!!) but I will allow Saturday to be a “Free day”. Meaning I wont worry too much and enjoy some things as long as I don’t go overboard.
  • I think that as far as diet goes … portions are key. I love to eat so that’s going to be the hard one. And soda. But if I account for the calories I think I will be okay.

Competiton starts on the 4th. Wish me luck!


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