Project 365 – Day 043 – My Sweet Son Joshua

A little bit about MY Joshua

Joshua meaning and name origin

Joshua \j(o)-shua\ as a boy’s name is pronounced JOSH-yoo-ah. It is of Hebrew origin, and the meaning of Joshua is “Johovah is salvation” Short for of Jehoshua. Biblical: Joshua was an attendant and helper to Moses durring the Israelites’ 40-year trek through the Sinai wilderness. He was appointed by God to lead the Israelites after the death of Moses. Josue is a Spanish form.

Joshua is a libra! He is the MODEL libra!

Libra Zodiac Sign
September 23 – October 22
Element: Air
Quality: Cardinal
Ruling Planet: Venus
Symbol: Scales
Keywords: Sociable, Pleasant, Superficial, Fair, Refined

Libras need balance and harmony. The Libra person is extremely sensitive to his or her environment and does not function properly when surrounded by chaos and disorder. These people are charming and pleasant, possessing a strong disliking for confrontation.

Libras often refrain from speaking their mind and have a tendency to say what people want to hear in order to avoid conflict. A dispassionate, detached demeanor is characteristic of this sign. Libra needs a partner who has good manners, good tastes and a romantic nature.

Diplomaitic and urbane (always wants to make sure everybody is happy)
Romantic and charming (Already talks about his family when he grows up and the woman he wants to marry)
Easygoing and sociable (He is an entertainer that’s for sure!)
Idealistic and peaceable (Joshua is very open minded and likes everybody to be happy!)



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