RE Bar Camp 2011 has inspired me to blog

Yesterday was  RE Bar Camp 2011!! It was held at the Seattle Center with over 800 Real Estate Pros in attendance.  Topics ranged from Video Blogging, WordPress, Advanced Facebook Pages, and more! I focused on WordPress and Video Blogging. How would ya’ll feel if I did a Video Blog? The hubby just got a new video camera, so watch out world!  What kind of things would you like me to blog about? Yes I spent the day learning all of this to implement in to our Real Estate business, but might as well practice for fun too! Wow I sounded MAJOR nerdy right there! That’s besides the point.

Be ready for me to start sharing all sorts of things, from Real Estate Tips, Photography, Parenting Tips, and more! I am the Queen of Multi Tasking so you never know what you will get from  me.   Have you ever seen Hey Nadine on Youtube? She is hilarious!!! I first saw here when she did a virtual egg hunt on Easter a few years ago. I follow her because when I watch her it makes me laugh! I hope I can do that for someone some day!  Until then you are stuck with this boring blog!



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