Schools almost about to start……


Let me just say… I’m a working Mom okay.  My hubby, he’s the Stay at home awesome Dad.  I know if I’m ready for the kids to go back to school, that my hubby is ready too! In fact I am well aware of how we both are ready for them to go back.  First day is Thursday!! 🙂 WOOT WOOT!

My oldest is going in to 5th, youngest 1st. 🙂 I think we spaced them out so they will never go to the same school at the same time.  At least not in our district… we have a weird system …that’s a whole other blog post.

Anyway we went and met Little Man’s teacher last night.  As you know he is autistic, with ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD).  All summer all he’s been talking about is going back to school.  I tried to prep him that he wouldn’t be in the same class, would have a different teacher….but last night before we left he broke down crying that he didn’t want to do a new class. That he wanted his old teacher.  😦 It was so sad.  I kinda pumped up 1st grade, told him how he would still see certain people and how just because his old teacher isn’t his teacher now, doesn’t mean he can’t say hi to her when he’s out on the playground or in the halls.  He was okay with that…so off we went to meet the teacher.  A BRAND NEW TEACHER… not for Little Man but for the whole district.  Now I’m not saying he is too hard to handle, it’s been done, but he takes a little extra special care sometimes.  So I take him in, he says hi… in his way, the way he does… not looking at you…and every answer is “I don’t know”. Which usually means he isn’t comfortable. We looked at the room, talked to his teacher some more, and unload his amazing Paw Patrol Backpack (His current favorite) and spent some time in the classroom.  Hubby is taking him back today… for a 30 min meeting with Mrs J so they can get to know each other better. 🙂 I suggested she talk to his teacher from last year so they can pow-wow about Little Man and his quirks.

Tonight we have a meet & greet (5th grade orientation) for our Big Man… I can’t believe he is in 5th Grade already! 5th GRADE – Do you know what that means? 5th Grade Camp! The guess what?!  MIDDLE SCHOOL next year! He can’t wait to see who’s in his class. I love that we live in a little town, and that the boys have been in the same district their whole school career. That was something that I told myself when we decided to have kids…was that we wouldn’t move districts once they started school.  Luckily we live in an amazing school district!

School starts Thursday – in between now and then hubby is taking Little Man to meet his teacher, both boys to the dentist, I take Big Man to meet his teacher, then tomorrow both therapy, and then SCHOOL!!!! Happy Back to School People!



Going Going GONE.. as of TONIGHT!

Have you looked at the list of retiring wraps? These are Going Going GONE.. as of TONIGHT so make sure to get your orders in! Don’t forget I have a Mystery Hostess party going on! You can win any rewards from the party by placing an order! Place a Buy 3 Get 1 FREE order and you get 2 entries!

Date night!!!!


AHHHH So when you have a child that is special needs like my “A” you can’t always get away as often as you want with your hubby. You end up having these “late night, at home date nights” after the kiddos go to bed.  But guess what today is?!?! DATE NIGHT!! Like – leave the kids with a baby sitter and GO OUT night! I’ve got a great friend that is going to watch the boys when I get home.  Hubs and i are going to go out for our 10 year wedding anniversary!!! OMG yes we’ve been married 10 years! Together 17! I’m so blessed to have found my one and only so young! Anyway I literally think it was our anniversary last year when we went out last. Sad… so so sad. Gotta change that up a bit. Make it more of a priority!!!! So hope that A doesn’t have a meltdown at the babysitters!!! Gonna go finish my day so Anniversary D8NT can start ASAP!

Summertime is here!

So most of you know that I work outside the home, and my hubby is a stay at home dad to our two little men.  Well guess what today was…. the first day of SUMMER!! The kids are all ready to “DO NOTHING” (per my 10 year old’s mouth) and I was all UMMM NOPE! Not happening! But did let them sleep in this morning. 🙂  My hubs has some great things lined up for the boys to do this summer! With my 6 year old being autistic on top of his normal hyper self, taking them to big events doesn’t work. But we are working on a list of “THINGS WE CAN TAKE THEM TO DO” tonight! I’ll keep ya’ll posted!

I do have to say it was nice to not have them running around under foot while I got ready for work today.  The house was quiet and peaceful. Something that is very rare in my home!!

June’s Sister Style Exclusive – BETWEEN THE LINES – JAMBERRY NAILS


June’s Sister Style Exclusive – BETWEEN THE LINES
What’s your hue? Inspired by the negative space trend, this month’s Sisters’ Style features bright-white geometric lines on a clear background, perfect for adding color to create a look that’s uniquely you. Paired with your favorite nude, bright or pastel lacquer, “Between The Lines” is minimalist-inspired but it’s sure to have maximum impact.
Look how adorable it is layered over other wraps!!! I NEED to get these!!!

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April is Autism Awareness Month!


This one hits home to me as I’m a mom to a sweet little boy on the Autism Spectrum. He was diagnosed within the last year, but we “knew” before that. Dang doctors had a waiting list to get in to see them! Anyway this month Jamberry introduced new Autism Awareness Nail Wrap Designs!


The top two are the new wraps that we brought out this month! The Bottom with the puzzle pieces are the original Autism Awareness Wraps.  Also new this year we are offering Jamberry Junior Autism Awareness Wraps! (The Juniors are perfect for little fingers under age 8… and I use them on my toes!)

THE BEST PART OF THIS  – For every sheet sold, Jamberry gives $2.00 back to the Autism Society of America!!!! Show your support and have cute nails too!  These are all Buy 3 Sheets get 1 FREE!

5 home-maintenance tasks you shouldn’t ignore

Homeownership means regular maintenance and repair chores, but some are more important than others. Here are five that should top your priority list:

1. Make Sure Your Appliances Aren’t Being Recalled

Why it matters: The non-profit “Consumer Reports” magazine wrote an eye-popping piece about how often home appliances catch fire: more than 150,000 residential fires each year from 2006 to 2008, resulting in 3,670 injuries, 150 deaths, and $547 million in property damage. About half the fires appear to have been caused by faulty appliances. Some had been recalled for defects that could cause an appliance fire, but the home owners weren’t aware.

What you need to do: Write down the model and serial number of each appliance, then check at for recalls and what action to take if something you own is involved. Keep your list so it’s easy to recheck; it sometimes takes years for problems to become evident. Keep tabs at HouseLogic for notices about recalls.

Maintenance cost: Free

Worst case if you put it off: You don’t learn that your dishwasher or clothes dryer has a safety defect, and the machine catches fire and burns your house down.

2. Check for Leaks and Fix Them

Why it matters: Water does more damage to houses than anything else, since persistent leaks lead to mold and mildew, rot, and even termites and carpenter ants (they like chewing soggy wood since it’s soft). Yet if you fix a leak soon after it starts, there may be no long-term damage at all.

What you need to do: Inside, keep your eyes open for dark spots under pipes inside sink cabinets, stains on ceilings, toilets that rock, and of course drips. At least once a year, inspect the roof. If you find leaks, fix them immediately. Otherwise, call in a plumber.

Maintenance cost: Negligible for a simple fix, such as a new washer. A visit from a plumber might set you back $250; a roof repair, a few hundred dollars to $1,000.

Worst case if you put it off: Drips ruin the cabinet under the kitchen sink, and run down into the floor sheathing and joists underneath, so you need a structural repair, plus new cabinets and new kitchen flooring. Or the roof rots, so you need a new roof and repairs to rooms directly beneath.

3. Test Your Sump Pump and Backup Pump (or Install a Backup Pump If You Don’t Have One)

Why it matters: The middle of a storm isn’t the time to discover your basement sump pump is clogged, nor is it the time to begin planning for a backup pump. You need them ready before the water arrives.

What you need to do: Fill the sump pump pit with water and make sure the pump switches on and sends water out the discharge line. If you have a backup pump, repeat the test, but unplug the main pump first. If the backup pump runs on batteries that are more than two years old, replace your sump pump. If you don’t have a backup pump and are on municipal water, get one that runs on water pressure. If you’re on well water, your only option is the battery kind.

Maintenance cost: Testing is free; a water-powered backup sump pump, including installation, costs $150-$350; a new battery for a battery-operated sump starts around $200.

Worst case if you put it off: The pump or pumps don’t work when you need them and your basement floods, ruining everything in it and forcing you to tear out drywall and carpeting.

4. Renew the Finish on Your Hardwood Floors

Why it matters: Every wood floor needs to be refinished periodically, but the trick is to get to the job before the old finish wears through. Then you can apply a fresh coat without having to sand into the wood. Since sanding wears away some of the wood, being able to skip that step can extend the life of your floor by decades.

What you need to do: If your floor is dull but OK otherwise, repair scratches and apply a hardwood floor refinisher ($6-$18 per quart). If the old finish is really scratched up, call in a pro to buff it and apply a fresh finish.

Maintenance cost: If you just need the refresher coat and apply it yourself, you can do 500 sq. ft. for around $25. If you hire a pro, figure on $1 per sq ft.

Worst case if you put it off: The finish wears through. If your floor is thick enough to sand, expect to spend $2.50 per sq. ft. for a new finish. If the floor can’t be sanded, you’ll need a whole new floor — $8-$20 per sq. ft., if you stick with wood.

5. Protect your Foundation

Why it matters: If anything goes wrong with your foundation walls — serious cracks, uneven settling — you could be in for one of the most expensive home repair jobs possible.

What you need to do: Every year, check to make sure the soil around your house slopes away from your foundation walls at least 6 inches over 10 feet (rain gutter downspouts should extend at least 5 feet away from your house).

That slope keeps water from getting down right next to your foundation, where it could cause basement walls to lean, crack the masonry, and cause leaks. (For houses with crawl spaces, keeping water away makes sure excess water doesn’t pool underneath your floor, making for damp conditions that encourage mold, rot, and insects.)

Maintenance cost: Topsoil is $10-$20 per cubic yard, plus delivery. You’ll pay $50-$100 per cubic yard if you buy by the bag.

Worst case if you put it off: Hydrostatic pressure causes your foundation to settle, cracking your basement walls. A full excavation is necessary to stabilize, repair, and seal the foundation walls — a $15,000 to $40,000 job.


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